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Selected portfolio

Some of our interesting projects. web & mobile app

EYE Canada is a custom search engine built to help Canadians seek out and share articles published in Canadian newspapers. is a website, an iPhone app, and a URL shortener.

Available on the App Store

ArtEye image matching app

ArtEye is a visual art image matching and search engine. We developed this app as a prototype for an art fair. Users could take a photo with their iPhone and the app returned links to read about the piece (if it had a Wikipedia entry) and products matching its likeness (on Amazon & AllPosters).

Custom video platform

Our client required a customizable web platform to be able to showcase large training videos, organize them as episodes, and to present overlaid resources with pop-ups at synchronized time points. The final solution required HTML5, PHP, Javascript with jQuery, and used Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve the videos.